Equine Massage Following 2017 Season

Equine Massage Following 2017 Season

The JR’s Carriage Service Team is busy wrapping up our 2017 Season. We are really proud of how hard our horses worked this past year. They never once questioned the situations we exposed them to. It’s a bond and a level of trust that we’ll never truly understand. There were many days where we wondered who was teaching who. The opportunities that we have been given, the friendships that we cherish, and passion that keeps us going is all because of these gentle giants. They cost us a fortune to own but the memories they create and the happiness that they bring is worth every penny! We tip our hats to all of you who have supported and embraced our business, our passion, and our heritage.

We brought in Freedom Animal Wellness, LLC to reward the horses for working so hard for us this past year. Freedom Animal Wellness specializes in equine massage and animal acupressure. At first the horses were a little unsure about the new experience. However, it didn’t take long for them to relax and enjoy their sessions. It was really satisfying for us to see the horses react by dropping their heads, closing their eyes, licking their lips and stretching after the massage. The benefits of an equine massage can include:

  • Increased Blood Circulation

  • Increase Lymph Movement

  • Improve Muscle Health & Function

  • Improves muscle tone and elasticity

  • Improve range of movement

  • Reduces risk of pulled muscles

  • Minimizes stiffness

  • Improves and reduces muscle atrophy

  • Stimulates Acupressure Points

  • Emotional Support​

  • Induces rapid cell renewal and tissue repair

  • Helps ease painful, sore joints

  • Helps keep joints flexible

Plus, who doesn’t love a good massage!?! We highly recommend and wellness evaluation from Lindsey Repp, owner of Freedom Animal Wellness. Lindsey’s love for animals led her to a career as a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and Animal Acupressure Practitioner. She received her certifications from The Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage (RSMAAM) in June of 2015. In addition to working on horses, Lindsey can also work on your cats and dogs. Scroll down to see a few pictures of the experience.

Author: jrscarriage