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  • Mini Cart


    This cart is a beautiful and sturdy wood construction. It is perfectly balanced and has a full spring under the seat for a really comfortable ride. Available with shafts or complete pole kit. Optional storage compartment under the seat.

  • Mini Express


    Same as our Classic Express cart but for your miniature horses. Super light and sturdy! More info to come. Seats one.

  • Mini Hitch Wagon


    The glory of hitching with the cuteness of minis. You will impress at any event with this fully customizable beauty. Seats one.

  • Mini Oak Trail Wagon


    Full oak construction on small automotive tires. Available painted or varnished. Seats one with ample storage in the back.

  • Mini Sleigh

    Call for Price

    Super light and sturdy! Allows for winter fun with your minis. Seats one.

  • Mini Vis-à-vis


    Unique style for pony afficionados. You will stand out at shows with this one! Seats two in the back with the driver up front.

  • One Seat Pony Sleigh

    Call for Price

    Seats two comfortably with space in the back for storage. Keeps those winter months enjoyable!

  • Pony Exercise Cart


    This perfectly balanced cart is a must for exercising and training your ponies and is designed for doing so off road and in trails. Its suspension seat and pneumatic tires give it a smooth feel and make it a charm to drive. Available for all your equine friends from minis to drafts.

  • Pony Hitch Wagon


    Made to size for ponies. Fully customizable. Harnesses up to 8 ponies. Seats two up front.

  • Pony Trail Buggy

    Call for Price

    Super light expanded metal frame for the ultimate fun. Available on wood or pneumatic wheels. Seats two.

  • Pony Wagonette


    Great for showing your ponies with a unique twist. Seats two passengers in the back with the driver up front. Optional disk brakes available.